celebrity wardrobe malfunctions

5 Shocking Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions: Boobs on Display

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

You don't have to live in the heart of Hollywood, as I do, to be exposed to celebrity wardrobe malfunctions.

You can find photos of these breast displays anywhere; whether it's a supermarket tabloid, entertainment website, or mainstream media outlet. It's still viewed as "shocking" news when a well-known woman has a breast related wardrobe malfunction. But should it be?

Here are a few examples of some recent, highly publicized celebrity wardrobe malfunctions:

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celebrity wardrobe malfunctionsRihanna at Balmain After Party © REX/Joe Schildhorn
via Daily Mail

1) Going bra less. Being photographed not wearing a bra is the ultimate in "shocking" fashion sins. Miley Cyrus is notorious for breaking this all-important bra wearing rule. But clothing designers regularly feature bra-less models in their shows. It's no big deal on the runway and in women's magazines. Besides, it's not much of a wardrobe malfunction when you choose to go out without a bra. The beautiful, stylish, and very talented Rihanna didn't unintentionally forget hers, before posing for the camera.

celebrity wardrobe malfunctionsPhoto of Miranda Kerr from Getty Images
via Huffington Post UK

2) Nip slips. Following close behind women who go without a bra, is news that these women have nipples attached to their unbound breasts. Yes, we know some women's nipples become erect when sexually aroused, but the same is true for men. It's strange, to me, that we humiliate and embarrass women about this part of their breast anatomy. Normalizing the occasional non-sexual view of women's nipples might even make public breastfeeding more acceptable.

celebrity wardrobe malfunctionsKim Kardashian bra blunder
Splash News via Hollywood Life

3) Bra reveals. Women's fashions today include lingerie styles that are meant to be seen. Mesh tops, embellished intimate apparel straps, and elaborate corsets are part of a broader "lingerie as outerwear" design trend. That these are called wardrobe malfunctions seems silly or, at the very least, ignorant of what's in vogue.

celebrity wardrobe malfunctiosKaty Perry at 2014 Oscars Vanity Fair Party
via Huffington Post Oscars Breast Dressed

4) Cleavage competitions. Technically, this isn't a wardrobe malfunction unless excess cleavage results in a "nip slip." Still, female celebrities are regularly judged for showing too much, or at the wrong angle---such as side or under boob. Women are lined up and we, as readers, are asked to rate "who wore it best." Cleavage is a function of fashion, breast size, and sometimes circumstance (like when a new mom has a temporarily fuller set caused by pregnancy or nursing). Yet the public is asked to weigh in on the worthiness of these body parts. 

celebrity wardrobe malfunctionsTabloid debates size of Naya Rivera's boobs
via Hollywood Life

5) Boob jobs. There is constant speculation in gossip columns and tabloids about who has or hasn't had a boob job. Plastic surgeons are consulted, and before and after pictures are published and scrutinized. Paparazzi can't wait to capture wardrobe malfunctions that prove the existence of boob surgeries. But does it make any difference to the general public whether or not a woman has had a breast reduction, lift, or augmentation with implants? The entertainment industry demands physical perfection from women. It can't be a surprise that some choose breast surgery, especially when it enhances job prospects. Still, women's breasts are public territory if they're thought to have been touched by a knife.

I'm not naive enough to think that photos of breast related celebrity wardrobe malfunctions will disappear anytime soon. Or that society will lose its fascination with the wonder and beauty of female breasts. There's a market for personal information about stars and other female public figures. Some even welcome the attention and publish their own revealing selfies.

But I do wonder if all this celebrity body shaming and breast judgment isn't being passed down to the rest of us.

What's your view? Do these celebrity wardrobe malfunctions offend you? Should famous women be more careful about what they wear in public or how they are photographed?

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