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10 Polish Lingerie Brands You Need to Know

  |   By Estelle Puleston

What’s the lingerie capital of the world? Chances are you thought of France. It seems synonymous with great underwear and is even where the word lingerie originated. But there’s another country that is doing wonderful things in the world of intimates---Poland.

Many European (and for that matter, US) lingerie brands are manufactured abroad, in countries such as China. Not so in Poland. This country is home to numerous lingerie brands, many of which have local production facilities.

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It’s for this reason that Poland has developed a passionate fan-base of full-busted lingeristas. By producing bras on-site, brands are less affected by factory minimums, and some even sew orders as they come in. With no need to buy and hold vast quantities of stock, these brands can offer a much wider range of sizes.

Don’t be put off if you wear a smaller cup size though! Polish brands are merely more likely to continue further into the alphabet, rather than focussing on either A-D or DD+. They are also far more likely to go beyond a 38 band size.

Poland is also a haven for hosiery manufacturing, but that’s for another blog post. Below are ten bra-focused Polish brands that are worth a look. This list doesn't include every good Polish lingerie brand---it's not even close. But if you’re new to this country’s lingerie offerings, it’s an excellent place to start.

Ewa Michalak

polish lingerie
SM Amorek Bra & Briefs
Available in sizes 30F-42H and US 2-16
via Ewa Michalak

The most talked-about Polish lingerie brand by far, Ewa Michalak sells bras from an A to a Polish N cup. Band sizes run impressively from a 28 to a 60. You'll find basic, special occasion (including bridal) and even nursing bras available. To add to their size-inclusiveness, Ewa Michalak is known for showing its products on a diverse range of models.


polish lingerie
Marion S203HCBra & Retro Briefs
Available in sizes 28E-42D and XS-2XL
via Avocado

Avocado is a fit-focussed luxury lingerie brand that makes beautiful use of embroideries and laces. They offer 28-42 band sizes, and Polish cup sizes C to L. Among the brands on today’s list, they are the priciest. Bras cost roughly $85 to $200, but understandably so when you see how beautiful they are!


polish lingerie
Francheska Soft Bra & Brief
Available in sizes 30E-44K and S-3XL
via Nessa

Nessa is a mid-priced brand covering band sizes 30 to 44 and Polish cup sizes B to S. They mostly specialize in full-cup sizes. Their signature bra shape is an unlined, 3-part cup with an upwardly slanted horizontal seam. It’s designed to create a rounded shape with a lot of lift and support.


polish lingerie
K308 Soft Bra & K309 String
Available in sizes XS-XL
via Gorsenia

A budget-friendly brand, Gorsenia’s bras retail between around $15 and $35, even less during sales. Despite the low price, the lingerie is anything but basic and boring. Gorsenia is a fashion-focused brand that loves to use lace and embroidery. They sell most bra sets by cup sizes and run from 30-50 band sizes and Polish A-M cups. There are even some nursing bras in the mix.


polish lingerie
Amor A142 Bra & Amor M300 Thong
Available in sizes 32E-38C and S-L
via Samanta

Samanta is a higher-end lingerie brand, with bra pricing running from around $50 to $100. Like many Polish bra makers, they are fans of beautiful embroidery. However, their overall style is elegant and understated, rather than showy. The brand also makes a lot of simple, well-fitting basics. Sizes include 28-42 bands and Polish A-N cups.


polish lingerie

Indian Summer V-4931 Bra, String & Garter Belt
Available in sizes 30D-38D and S-XL
via Axami

Polish brands, on the whole, don’t seem too fussed about garter belts. Axami is an exception. If you love a 3-piece lingerie set, this brand is worth a look. Axami is all about ‘sexy’ lingerie and nightwear, including many quarter-cupped bras. Prices start low (under $30) but go up to around $90 for bras. They don’t, as far as I can tell, go above a Polish E or US DD cup size.


polish lingerie
Bridget Bra & Thong
Available in sizes 30D-42E and S-2XL
via Comexim

Comexim is a well-known Polish lingerie brand, at least among the full-busted crowd. They do however make smaller sizes too, offering A-O cups and 28-42 bands. As far as styles go, Comexim has a nice mix of everyday bras and more luxurious ones. Notably, they’re the place to find a longline bra.

Ewa Bien

polish lingerie
Holi B139 Soft Bra & Brief
Available in sizes 30E-38E and S-XL
via Ewa Bien

This brand’s offering includes 30 to 44 bands and Polish A to M cups. Non-sale prices range from around $30 to $70 for bras. They have a huge selection to choose from---currently over 250 bras! And as is the typical Polish style, there’s a lot of really gorgeous embroidery.


polish lingerie

B222 Balconette Bra & Shorts
Available in sizes 30D-38D and S-XL
via Wiesmann

More embroidery here! The Wiesmann aesthetic is all about richly embroidered tulle. Often, it’s left sheer on at least half the cup, to show off the pattern. Weismann does also offer some ‘basic’ bras, but even these incorporate lovely satin, jacquard and lace fabrics. Prices are all below $50, and sizes include 30-44 bands and A-K cups.


polish lingerie

Mary K24 Semi-Soft Bra & String
Available in sizes 30D-42I and XS-M
via Dalia

Another option for the budget-conscious lingerista here. Dalia’s bra prices run from barely over $20 to, at most, a little under $60. Sizes include 28-44 bands and Polish A-M cups. Dalia focusses a lot more on basic lingerie than the other brands on this list. Especially if you’re after a white or beige bra for everyday wear, check here first.

There are so many other great Polish lingerie brands that I could have included here today. Hopefully, though, this selection has given you a range of budget and style options to begin your search. If you’re already a fan of Polish lingerie, which other brands would you recommend?

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