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16 Lingerie Gifts for Curvy Women This Holiday Season

  |   By Holly Jackson

Lingerie gifts are one of my favorite things, and the Holidays often bring out the best in brands and designers as well.

The best part is that now there are tons of great options for those of us who are full-busted and full-figured, so we’re not stuck on the sidelines pining for things that will never fit us. Whether you’re buying for someone else or treating yourself, let this be your lingerie gift guide to all things sexy and beautiful this season--including inspiring books on the subject!

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Bettie Page Leopard Print Satin Robe:

Bettie Page Leopard Print Satin Robe
Available in Sizes US 4 - 16
via Playful Promises

This brand new leopard print robe by Bettie Page and Playful Promises is perfect for pairing with almost anything! It's hard to find beautiful robes that acknowledge curves at reasonable price points. I've worn my velvet robe from their regular line most of this autumn, so suspect that this one would be a good investment as well. 

Neroli Full Cup Bra by Prima Donna:

lingerie gifts

Prima Donna Neroli Full Cup Underwire Bra
Available in Bands 32 - 38, Cups D - H
via Figleaves

I got to try Prima Donna for the first time a few weeks ago and walked out impressed. As is the case with many brands, the small details on these don’t pop until you see them in person. Swarovski crystals decorate each piece, while the fantastic fabrics and laces create amazing textures. This full cup bra is perfect for the holidays but also works as an everyday bra.

Eleanor Damson Slip by Harlow & Fox:

lingerie gifts

Eleanor Damson Slip
Available in Sizes XS - XL
via Harlow & Fox

The entire Harlow & Fox collection should be included here, as it’s wonderfully holiday appropriate but also genuinely luxurious. Since I have to be fair and pick one piece, I’ll say that this silk and lace slip is the luxury basic that is worth the investment. I’ve never tried Harlow & Fox, but they’re on my bucket list.

Ariel Bra by All Undone:

lingerie gifts

The Ariel Bra
Available in Bands 28 - 34, Cups D - GG
via All Undone

This mint colored bra reminds me of holiday candies! It’s hard to find full-bust bras made from real silk, so if you’re looking this is the place to go. I think this set is comfortable to wear year round, which makes it the perfect holiday gift.

Harper Bralette by Bravissimo:

lingerie gifts

Harper Plunge Bralette
Available in Bands 28 - 38, Cups DD - J
via Bravissimo

Bravissimo seems to have finally caught on to the fact that they have something special going on with their super low Satine plunge style since they’ve started released longlines with the same build. I love these red lace versions, which provide serious support and have possibly the lowest gore that I’ve ever tried.

Claire Luxe Lingerie Set in Rose Petal by Uye Surana:

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Claire Luxe Lingerie Set in Rose Petals
Available in Bands 28 - 42, Cups A - H
via Uye Surana

I have lots of mixed feelings about the way bralettes are marketed in larger cup sizes, but I think Uye Surana hits the right tone. Their pieces are artistic and made from beautiful fabrics---but they’re also not going to give you the support of an underwire. Uye Surana’s marketing makes that clear in a fair way, but also makes a smart point that sometimes lingerie is about the beauty and feel of something rather than just how much support it gives. If you want a gorgeous (and potentially custom sized) bralette set then this is the place to go. If you want, they will even customize stocking sizes to match.

Black Plum Sheer Demi by Ellesmere Lingerie:

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Black Plum Sheer Demi 
Available in Bands 28 - 42, Cups C - G
via Ellesmere Lingerie

If you follow any full-bust blogger on Instagram, then you’ve seen Ellesmere Lingerie. They’ve recently taken off and are putting out beautiful things! Their bras go up to a G cup currently, but I’m hoping they’ll expand if they have success with their full-bust range. There aren’t that many Canadian lingerie brands, so it’s always nice to see more pop up and fill a hole in the market.

Silk Cami Top by Jane Woolrich:

lingerie gifts

Silk Cami Top
Available in Sizes XP - XXXL (UK8 - UK22)
via Jane Woolrich

Jane Woolrich sizing goes up to a UK 22, which means those of us with enough in our piggy banks can snag one of their covetable silk pieces! I love this cami because it can be pajamas or outerwear, plus the red or the coral would be perfect for the holidays.

Floral and Animal Print Kimono by Lane Bryant:

lingerie gifts

Floral & Animal Print Kimono
Available in Sizes 14/15 - 26/28
via Lane Bryant

This floral and animal print kimono is both festive, on trend and interesting regarding print! You can combine it with black, red or leopard print lingerie sets, making it a gift that she'll wear all year.

Red Satin and Lace Chemise by Lane Bryant:

lingerie gifts

Red Satin & Lace Chemise
Available in Sizes 14/16 - 26/28
via Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant has stepped up their lingerie collection this season, including offering some festive yet essential pieces that are perfect for the holidays. I love this red lace chemise that goes under everything---in part because it looks just like every other chemise offered in core size lines. Sometimes all you want is the same thing everyone else has access to, so it's great to see Lane Bryant starting to get into staple lingerie pieces. 

Lace Trim Long Satin Gown by Hips & Curves:

lingerie gifts

Lace Trim Long Satin Gown
Available in 3 Colors, Sizes 1X to 3X
via Hips & Curves

Hips & Curves frequently has fantastic sleepwear, so it's no surprise that this glamorous long gown is such a knockout. I love the hot pink version, but the white or black versions would make perfect sleepwear staples and go with everything. 

Katerina Lingerie Bag by Harlow & Fox:

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Katerina Lingerie Bag
via Harlow & Fox

Okay, so I lied: I’ve got one more Harlow & Fox related detour. I love this lingerie bag to pieces and want one if only to prevent TSA from sorting through my underwear when I travel. The fabrication is gorgeous, and it’s the perfect luxurious adult travel accessory.

Soak Travel Size Assorted 5 Pack by Soak Wash:

lingerie gifts

Soak Travel Size Assorted 5 Pk
via SoakWash 

I love Soak Wash for many reasons, but mostly because I’m lazy and I hate handwashing things. Soak Wash smells great and saves you a step since you don’t have to rinse your lingerie before you dry it. Do your bras and your nose a favor and grab this travel pack, even if you’re staying put this holiday season. You’ll get to try a bunch of different yummy scents, and your bras will thank you.

And finally, some books! As a lingerie copywriter, I'm obviously going to have to plug a few books that I've enjoyed that may give you a whole new perspective on your lingerie drawer. 

The Bra Zone by Elisabeth Dale:

lingerie giftsOne of the less pleasant facets of the lingerie community online is that there are a lot of people with a lot of opinions about how lingerie should fit and how people should wear it. What I like about Elisabeth's book is that it tosses all of that out the window and encourages finding a compromise between the technical aspects of lingerie and the parts that make people feel like a million bucks when they put on a great bra (even if it doesn't accurately "fit"). If you're new to lingerie or know someone who is, this is the funniest, most educational and gentlest guide out there right now. 

An Intimate Affair: Women, Lingerie, and Sexuality by Jill Fields:

lingerie gifts

This book is so interesting I've read it twice in the past few years, just because I pick up more each time I go back. It is more of a sociological and historical study that features lingerie than an actual "lingerie" book, but it's entirely fascinating. For instance, do you know that the tango fad helped lead to the downfall of corset makers in the 1920s? I didn't either until I read this. If you're interested in history and feminism, then try this one out. 

The Art of Pin-up by Diane Hanson:

lingerie gifts

This title is a gigantic coffee table book with an equally enormous price tag, but it would make a unique gift for someone who loves both lingerie and vintage fashion. The prints are treated as pieces of art, and it's easy to get lost in them for hours at a time. 

Do you give lingerie gifts to others during the holidays? Which of these would you buy or want to receive?

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