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What is a mammoir?

A mammoir is your story and perspective on living with breasts. Share your experiences, observations, frustrations, anecdotes and celebrations here - or read the very breast below!

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I am really proud of my breasts. I…


I am really proud of my breasts. I had no idea they’d ever factor so largely (excuse the pun) in my life. It has been a long, long time since they’ve felt sexual. Although I have nourished four children with them and that is infinitely important. I love nursing my daughter, and I am looking […]

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Now, after two kids, I’m up to a…


Now, after two kids, I’m up to a 34G and I’m still having to spend a good $100 if I want a bra that fits right, and forget about nursing bras, I buy them too big around and then alter them. I was out shopping in a department store with my three year old and […]

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