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bra manufacturers inflating sizes?

Don Deitz

Has anyone noticed bra manufacturers are inflating the sizes for their bras? I bought a few new bras and the same item in the same size that I bought before is suddenly too tight. I had to go from a 38B to a 40C. It looks like the same size as my older bras. Is […]

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No bra I have ever owned…


No bra I have ever owned – stress on EVER – has fit properly after about a month. I have always taken better care of them than they have of me. No matter how carefully washed by hand and line dried – they stop supporting. At $50.00 or more a piece, they are impossible to […]

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I truly dislike that missile titty look of…


I truly dislike that missile titty look of bigger bras, like as if big boobs need more attention! I really wish it were easier to shop for a cute bra. You go to a store and they have a wide selection of DD and smaller, but anything larger is almost nonexistent. Also, why is it […]

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I want to wear all those sexy Victoria’s…


I want to wear all those sexy Victoria’s Secret get-ups… but they never seem to make them in small sizes. This makes small chested women feel as though they can’t be sexy unless you get larger breasts.

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Ode to the purple beauty! You were my…


Ode to the purple beauty! You were my sisters- passed down once she had a child and no longer had the means to fill you. You were a wonderful boost to my large friends up top, you gave me that “lift” that I so needed. You wonderful friend I shall miss you dearly, I was […]

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