Bristols Six Nippies Desert Storm Geo

These Bristols Six Nippies Desert Storm Geo nipple covers will add a flash of flair to any ensemble you to chose to pair them with. They are designed to accentuate curves with a natural look while freeing you up to wear anything you want without the worry of a wardrobe malfunction. OR wear them as an intimate for an occasion of sizzling fun. They are made using real lingerie fabrics and include two patch test minis and four optional protective nipple pads. As well, they are stretchy, wrinkle-free, and boast painless removal leaving no residue. They are easy to apply, sweat-resistant, waterproof, and have hypoallergenic adhesive. And, this new two-piece construction adds grip and longevity, making them perfect for long term-wear including wet activities. Time for some trendsetter fun!

The Bristols Six Nippies Desert Storm Geo come in one size.


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Image Credit: Bristols Six

Price: $20.00
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