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Wellness Intimate Apparel: Medical Recovery Through Design & Style

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Can wellness intimate apparel purchases help you recover from childbirth, medical treatments, and other surgeries?

A new intimate apparel niche has a specific purpose: to make you feel your best and speed up healing as quickly as possible.

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And it's not just about healing after breast cancer procedures, either. Many women are shocked by the way pregnancy and breastfeeding transforms their body parts. Some studies claim it can take up to a year for your body to fully recover from childbirth.

Today I'm compiling a list of brands tapping into this new wellness intimate apparel market. Whether you choose elective surgery or must deal with a difficult diagnosis or treatment, all of these products give women (and even men) more choices and options.

Mayana Geneviére

One big hurdle for new mothers is the physical exhaustion of childbirth. You could end up recuperating from an episiotomy or cesarean section. (Having had both, I'm can guarantee that there's no easy way to give birth.) If you decide to breastfeed, you'll also have to cope with a fluctuating milk supply and changing boob shape and size. And then there's the whole matter of your tummy and abdomen that no longer fit into maternity or regular clothing.

Mayana Geneviére luxury intimate apparel has a gorgeous solution to these problems. They make beautiful shapewear and panties with attractive panels, along with nursing sleepwear and a fashionable (nursing!) bodysuit with tummy control. Check out their soft bras, too, that make it easy to breastfeed without the usual drop down panel.

wellness intimate apparel

Camille Before and Beyond Chemise
Available in Sizes S - 3XL
via Mayana Geneviére
wellness intimate apparel
Nayana Bodysuit
Available in Sizes S - 3XL
via Mayana Geneviére

Janes Gowns

Who thinks the typical hospital or exam gown is comfortable and easy to wear? The designer behind Janes Gowns was looking for a smart solution for relatives, and then found she needed one for herself. The lightweight spa-like waffle weave fabric is comfy, and the crossover style gives you flexibility. You'll want to take it along for any stay in the hospital--be it childbirth, medical treatments, or post-surgery. There's even a version made for the men in your life.

wellness intimate apparel

Wellness Gown
Available in 2 Colors
Fitting Sizes 1 & 2 (US 8-24 and 16-4X)
via Janes


I recently featured Lusomé in our Better Know a Brand blog series. Their unique advanced moisture-wicking technology makes it a must-have item if your body suddenly loses its ability to regulate temperature. Because it's not just menopause that causes hot flashes; it's also the side effect of many prescription medications and therapies. This classic nightshirt is just one of many sleepwear items they offer.

wellness intimate apparel

Haedy Classic Sleep Shirt
Available in Sizes S - XL
via Lusomé

Ana Ono Recovery Wear

Even if rompers weren't making a fashion comeback right now, you'd want to look into this soft, step-in style from Ana Ono. They're best known for their post-mastectomy lingerie, but they also have a line of clothing made specifically for patients to wear post-surgery. wellness intimate apparel

Conley Romper
Available in Sizes S/M - L/XL
via Ana Ono


Ana Ono also partnered with an oncologist to create one-of-a-kind seamless bras and camisoles that aid the healing process after radiation. If you want to know more about this collection, check out my post here.

wellness intimate apparel

MAKEMERRY Pocketed Full Coverage Wirefree Bra
Available in 3 Colors
Fitting Sizes S - XXL (32 - 40/42)
via AnaOno

Theya Healthcare

I've covered post-surgical bras in the past, but the Theya Healthcare line is new to me. While it may appear utilitarian to you, it's a far cry from what was available in this category a few years ago. Anyone who has to have breast surgery can take advantage of this seamless, adjustable front-closing recovery bra. Made of a soft bamboo mix fabric with adjustable hook and eye closure for swelling.

wellness intimate apparel

Peony Front Fastening Post-Surgery Bra
Available in Sizes XS - XL
via Theya Healthcare


You may be familiar with Amoena because they are a well-known post-mastectomy lingerie and swimwear brand. But they also offer camisoles to wear after any type of breast surgery (reconstruction, reductions, augmentations, breast lifts, etc.). The Alison's soft cotton and velcro closures are great if you have any mobility issues. The flared bottom also accommodates necessary drains.

wellness intimate apparel

Alison Post-Surgical Camisole
Available in Sizes XS - XL (A/B and C/D)
via Amoena

What do you think of these wellness intimate apparel products? Would you buy any for yourself?

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