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Six Tips to Find the Best Bikini or Two Piece for Your Shape

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Think it's too hard to find a bikini or two piece that makes your shape look great? Think again.

The itty-bitty bikini made its beach debut in 1946. Frenchman Louis Réard named this design after the Bikini Atoll, one of the Pacific Island sites where nuclear tests had been held. He thought this new beach wear would shock the public in the same way that nuclear tests had shocked the environment. Nearly 70 years later, it still a fashionable choice for women, poolside or at the beach. And there’s no better time to give this style a try with the best bikini or two piece fit for your body.

Surveys report that 65% of women find it daunting to buy a swimsuit. Here are six tips that make it easy to dive into the swimwear shopping season:

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1)   All shapes are welcome. Whether you’re a small or full busted, pregnant and nursing, or recovering from breast surgery, there is a bikini or two piece suit out there for you. Really. It’s true.

Boob Fast Food Maternity Bikini

Boob Fast Food Maternity Bikini

2)   Support comes in bra size fit. More and more swimwear is sized like our bras. This also makes it easier to match tops and bottoms to the unique dimensions of our figures. It’s a great way to achieve the perfect swim top fit and support, one of the biggest beefs women have when settling on the right suit. Swimwear band sizes now range from 32 to 40, with cup sizes up to K.

3)   Cleavage is optional. Many brands include removable pads or other sewn in padding choices that take us up a whole cup size or just add a little bit of lift. Need cleavage control? Brands like Fantasie, Freya, and Curvy Kate include side boning and shaping to keep “the girls” front and center.

Curvy Kate Red Striped Padded Bikini

Curvy Kate Red Striped Padded Bikini

4)   Count on straps. When in doubt, choose removable and adjustable straps! They’ll make you feel secure and in charge of your top half, whether jumping off the diving board or playing around in wild ocean waves.

5)   Put your butt first. No matter how well everything works up top, our bottoms can be a deal breaker. Two piece suits cut too shallow or too high dig into thighs and hips. Smaller string bikinis with adjustable ties cover less than what we’re comfortable showing off in public. It’s a delicate balance to find the ideal match, but many brands make it easier with more than one style to complement the same top.

6)   Be brave. Bikinis and other two piece swimwear expose as much body geography as our lingerie. That can be scary at times. But it can also be empowering. Who doesn't have a bra and pantie set that rocks their world and that we wouldn't mind revealing? Work on channeling your inner lingerie goddess in the dressing room. You can find a great looking swimsuit that meets your fashion needs and fits your individual dimensions. Even swimwear models come in different sizes (albeit limited).

Splash News: Victoria's Secret Models

Splash News: Victoria's Secret Models

I was at the beach last weekend and watched a woman playing in the surf. She wore a very small bikini, leaving little to the imagination. The top barely covered her boobs and the string bottoms seemed strained to capacity. Was she rail thin or built like a model? Hardly. She had a few pounds on me and it wasn't all muscle. But she looked great in her bikini because her attitude supported her choice. I didn't think, “oh, that woman shouldn't be wearing that suit.” Nope. I thought, “wow…I wish I wasn't so critical of my own body.” I admired her because she wore what she wanted and what made her feel great. She was soaking in the sun and surf with delight. She was in charge of her breast life.


What do you think? Do you wear a bikini or two piece swimsuits? Will you be buying new swimwear this season? Why or why not?

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