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Prom Night Support from Hourglass Underground

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Do you remember what you wore on your prom night? Back in the early 1970's, my Mom bought me yards of baby blue brocade fabric and a pattern for an evening dress. In those days it was cheaper to make your own formal than to buy one.

prom night supportMy prom night

That wasn’t the case for my daughter. Prior to her high school prom, I organized a special shopping trip. I bought her a gorgeous, but on sale, black evening dress. And I helped her with all the little fashion extras: from finding the right strapless bra to loaning her some costume jewelry, an evening bag, and a pair of long satin gloves. It was as much fun for me to help as it was for her to get ready.

But not every teen has access to the same resources. That's why Glamour Gowns, an annual event in Los Angeles, was created. Every year, it helps hundreds of girls in foster care get ready for their special prom night. Volunteers and donors provide needy high school students the opportunity to choose a new gown, shoes, and other stylish accessories.

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And, yes, that includes the right foundations to wear under their fancy party dresses.

prom night supportBoxes of donated bras via Jenette Bras

Thanks to local lingerie retailer Jenette Bras, and her fabulous group of volunteers, each girl receives an individual bra fitting and a brand new bra. Owner Jenette Goldstein has even formed a non-profit, Hourglass Underground, to make sure every young woman has the proper breast support.

It may seem like a small gesture, but it's an important one. Formal wear looks best with the help of well-fitting foundations. (Not to mention preventing embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.) These girls learn about the miracle of bra fit and how their breasts are perfect, whatever their shape and size. And that's a gift that will last long after the night is over.

If you want to help a foster girl in need, please click here to make a tax deductible donation to Hourglass Underground. To learn more about Glamour Gowns, please visit CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children) of Los Angeles, here.

After finding and posting my own ancient prom picture, I'm more than happy to donate to this very worthy cause!

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