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6 Last Minute Stocking Stuffers for the Lingerie Lover on Your List

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

With one week left to go until Christmas---and if you're anything like me---you may not yet be done shopping for friends and relatives. If so, today's post of affordable stocking stuffers is for you.

While some of the gifts are practical, others are things women often put off buying for themselves. (I just ordered a box set of the Hanky Panky briefs mentioned below.)  Other items are whimsical, like jewelry, or socks and stockings. Almost all are in the $10 to $30 price range, making them easy things to gift.

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Here are six last minute stocking stuffers for the lingerie lover on your Xmas list:

Socks and Stockings

Sort of the obvious choice, yes? You'll find everything from warm and fuzzy socks to sparkly or slinky patterned stockings. And if you want to see more in this category, read this recent blog post for more ideas.

stocking stuffers

Nordstrom Butter Crew Socks
Available in 6 Colors, $10 (or 3/$25)
via Nordstrom
Lirika Matoshi Flower Tulle Crew Socks
Lirika Matoshi Flower Tulle Crew Socks
Available in 3 Colors, $36
via Nordstrom

stocking stuffers

Natori Dragon Toss Net Tights
Available in M - XL,  $32
via HerRoom


Panties are the one item that every woman needs and uses on a daily basis. So go ahead and spring for a multi-pack of well-made knickers. My favorite brand is the American made Hanky Panky, but there's are several styles and price options when it comes to this lingerie staple.

Hanky Panky Assorted 3-Pack Low Rise Fashion Thongs

Hanky Panky Assorted 3-Pack Low Rise Fashion Thongs
Available in Original or Low Rise Thong, One Size, $56
via Nordstrom
stocking stuffers
Calvin Klein Invisibles Thong 3 - Pack
3 Colors, Sizes S - XL, $35
via Bare Necessities

Lingerie Travel Bags

Lingerie wash and travel bags make the perfect gift for anyone who takes their lingerie wardrobe seriously. You can choose from everyday and functional all-purpose laundry bags, or spring for something more lux and pretty.

stocking stuffers

To Wash & To Wear Ditty Bag
Available in Two Sizes, $10 - $15
via TheBrownDogDesign 
Travel Lingerie Bag
Travel Lingerie Bag
Available in Several Prints, $42.20
via HiromiParis

Lingerie Wash

Any lingerie addict will appreciate a new supply of lingerie wash, especially when it's the no-rinse solution from SoakWash. The only difficulty with this gift is deciding on which fragrance she'll love best.

stocking stuffers

Soak Full Size Shop & Share
Available in Scented and Unscented, 2 Bottles, $32
via SoakWash


Another category that can be overwhelming in choice, but always appreciated by the gift recipient. I've rounded up some fuzzy slippers and playful options from which to choose.

stocking stuffers


J. Crew Faux Fur Slipper
Available in Multiple Colors, XS - L, $29.50 - $39.50
via Nordstrom
stocking stuffers
Hue Pet Shue 
Available in 4 Animal Patters, Sizes S - L, $15
via HerRoom
stocking stuffers
Ladies Super Soft Ladies Bunny Slipper
Available in 2 Colors, S - L, $15.68
via Scrapbook Slippers
stocking stuffers
Women's House Shoe
Available in Multiple Colors
Fits US Sizes 5 - 10, $50
via Pretty You London

Lingerie Themed Jewelry

These are a few of the handmade pins and other accessories that are perfect for someone who is the ultimate lingerie collector.

stocking stuffers

Ww2 Lingerie Enamel Pins
Available in 3 Colors, $10
via Bobby Pins Co
stocking stuffers
Bettie's Bullet Bra Broche
Available in 3 Colors, $17.56
via Glitter Paradise
stocking stuffers
Black White Corset Dangle Earrings w/Rhinestones, $35
via MamasLittleBabies

Have you finished your holiday shopping? Would you want to gift or be given anything on this list?  I need those bunny slippers!

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