Fashionable Clothes to Fit Your Bust

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

Ever had an issue with finding clothes to fit your bust? I hate it when I'm in the dressing room and try on something that looks great everywhere -- except on my breasts.

I get all excited because I'm sure I’ve found the perfect dress or top for an upcoming event, in my size and at the right price. But when I slip it on, the fabric stretches across my chest, the front gaps open, or buttons buckle under pressure and look ready to explode. I know it won't do any good to go up a size since then it will only fit on top. I don't reside very high up the alphabet cup, either. But I still struggle to find a fitted shirt that lays flat. This isn't a full bust issue. It's how my bust to waist ratio falls outside a particular clothing manufacturer's standard.

Men have more options. They can walk into a mall and shop for tailored shirts, or custom made suits, with every possible measurement taken into consideration. Not only is chest width a deciding factor, a salesperson will also look at sleeve length, torso length, and their neck width. For women, finding the perfect fit is easy if we (a) sew our own clothes, or (b) can afford custom alterations.

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Clothes addressing a woman's curves are mostly found online. But maybe it’s a sign of new egalitarian times, or response to customer demand, that the choices are more plentiful and the options ever expanding. From button down shirts and form fitting knits, to tailored or flirty dresses, new brands are addressing the obvious. Women all have curves, but those curves aren't the same on every woman. Stylish clothes based on more than one measurement acknowledge that there's more to dressing a woman than one simple number.

Clothes to fit your bust come in many styles. You'll find casual and trendy options to more professional. Many labels focus on standard custom shirts, while others have branched out to offer chic dresses or sophisticated tops. Brands in The Breast Life Store include Carissa Rose, Rebecca & Drew (now InStyle Essentials), and Campbell & Kate. We just added Pepperberry, launched by UK lingerie retailer Bravissimo (specializing in fitting cups D-L). They offer shirts, dresses, knitwear, coats, and even skirts and pants. Sizes run UK 8 to 18, with three different "curve" dimensions from which to choose.

Here are a few of my favorite looks from Pepperberry:

This Classic Short Sleeved Custom Shirt is must have for any wardrobe. It's perfect to wear with jeans, pencil skirts, or under a tailored power suit.


Got a special cocktail party, dinner or wedding to attend? This elegant Pepperberry Cross Front Custom Dress is right for any occasion.


You can't go wrong with a stretch cotton, button down shirt. Especially one made to fit your breast measurements. This Pepperberry Classic Long Sleeve Custom Shirt is also available in five colors. What's not to love?


Looking for more variety in clothes to fit your bust? These aren't the only individualized options available. Do visit DD Atelier, Presenza, and new UK brand Made in Preston. All provide women with a range of clothing designs, prices, and styles.

What do you look for in "made to measure to your bust" clothing? Do you have other brands you'd recommend? What are your favorites? Please leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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