On Babies, Books, and Birthings: A Post From The Heart

  |   By Elisabeth Dale

As I write this, I am anxiously awaiting the birth of my first grandchild.

No, I’m not sitting in the hospital room. I’m in a different state and city but getting texts from my son about the progress. My daughter-in-law has been in labor since yesterday afternoon. There is no easy or simple way to give birth.

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I can't blog about bras or anything related to my finished book or business today. I'm reveling in the miracle that is unfolding. And it is a joyful reminder of the transformation that comes with new beginnings. Babies---and books---change your life.

I'm drawn back to a day nearly 30 years ago when I was laying in a hospital bed, struggling with my first labor. I was in awe of my body and the power to bring forth a new life. The child I welcomed that day will soon be a father. And he, like me at the time, has no clue how this new life will change his own.

Birthing alters your everyday reality. It doesn't matter whether it's a baby or a creative project (although the former is a much bigger commitment, lol). There’s excitement, energy, anticipation. You have no idea what the future holds but you know you must welcome it with open arms. The road ahead may be filled with potholes or U-turns, too. That was the case for me with my three kids; it was always one step back, two steps forward.

As hard as it might be, it's important to let go and let things be. One thing I’ve learned as a parent and author is that you have no control over the finished product. It has a mind and character of its own, separate from you. The birthing process is the important part. It's the struggle you go through, an often painful and arduous journey, that makes you stronger, wiser, and more compassionate.

Here's to little Liam, on his birth date. I can't wait to meet this new life and discover how it changes mine. 


Featured image: My eldest, on the day we met.


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