Elisabeth Dale, founder of and author of bOObs: A Guide to Your Girls (one of The Library Journal’s 2007 Best Consumer Health Books), is a renown educator and sought after speaker. Elisabeth offers groups her unique and entertaining “hands on” approach to the topic of breasts: one seen more on billboards and magazine covers than intelligently discussed in the media.

Through informative, humorous and uplifting presentations, Elisabeth inspires women to learn more about their bodies and support the changes their breasts go through from puberty to motherhood to menopause. Elisabeth helps women and girls confront their body image issues and concerns by sharing her journey to self-acceptance. In a frank and truthful telling of her personal struggle, Elisabeth reveals her own “mammoir;” a saga of motherhood, a breast lift, divorce, and ultimately coming into her own as a woman who cares for, appreciates, and celebrates her body. She encourages her audiences to explore, embrace, and uncover their breast selves.

Elisabeth can tailor a presentation perfectly suited for your audience, be it teen girls, runners and athletes, nursing mothers, working women, or healthcare professionals.


Great Breast-pectations: Sexy, Sassy and Healthy at Every Age
(General Health and Wellness, Boosting Self-esteem)
Elisabeth offers her audience her unique and irreverent take on all aspects of keeping their breasts looking and feeling their best!

  • What keeps boobs afloat?
  • Normal changes and what to expect from your breasts
  • Latest news on creams, lotions, potions and plastic surgery options
  • Self-exams and mammography guidelines
  • When you should consult your physician
  • Unlocking mystery of bra wear with fit tips and tricks, plus
  • Products and helpful resources.

* Take-away: armed with better information and tools to find the perfect fit and products for your unique shape, you’ll be healthier and happier with your breasts.

Beyond the Bra – Six Tips to a Great Fit!
(All age groups)
Experts agree that over 85% of women wear the wrong size bra. But what does that mean if many of us wear two different sizes in one month? Or bra sizes aren’t consistent across brands? Elisabeth shows you that there’s more to bra wear and care than meets the eye.

  • What you need to know to get the best fit for “your girls,” including where and when to get fitted, what to buy, and how it should feel.
  • Specific tools you can use to customize your bra experience
  • All new Breast Special-FX – unique items for comfort, style and a sexy fit, at every age and stage
  • Tailored talk geared to your target audience: be it active wear and sports bras, bridal foundations, or “first bra” buying tips.

* Take away: learn the six tips that guarantee a great fit; the styles to enhance your figure, and products to customize your breast fit and look. Learn to put your best breast forward at any stage or size!

Determining Your Breast Self: Is Cosmetic Surgery Right for You?
(Plastic surgery professionals and patients, health groups)
Today’s Boob Job may be about implants, or it could be a choice to have a breast lift, reduction, reconstruction, or a procedure to correct severe asymmetry (one breast bigger than the other). Elisabeth presents these topics and reflects on her own cosmetic surgery experience in a frank and funny discussion:

  • What to consider when you are considering breast surgery
  • How to find the best physician and questions you should ask
  • Latest techniques and procedures
  • What to expect pre and post-op
  • How much it will cost you, and
  • Emotional and social consequences of changing your appearance.

* Take away: discover what makes the best plastic surgery patient, from both sides of the knife.

Mammaries in Motion: Importance of Sports Bras
(Athletic groups, runners, walkers, yoga/pilates)
Most women don’t wear a sports bra while participating in athletics, but the right breast gear can improve a woman’s athletic performance and help her meet her fitness goals. Elisabeth shows you the best sports bras for every fitness occasion, plus tips and tricks on customizing your bra experience, and caring for breast athletic supporters. You’ll learn:

  • What happens to breast tissue in motion
  • The best bra types based on your level of activity
  • How to beat the dreaded swimwear fitting blues
  • Stories and experiences on the ups and down of keeping breasts protected and out-of-play

* Take away: armed with the best support for their active breasts, women can fulfill their health and fitness goals.

Guide for Growing Girls
(Girls organizations, school groups)
Breast development can be a scary and exciting time for young girls – and the same goes for parents buying their daughter’s first bra! Girls learn:

  • Basic breast physiology
  • The “reality” of media images and how they impact self-esteem
  • Bullies and social media and how it can influence self-worth
  • Step-by-step guide to the first bra fitting and buying experience

* Take-away: the latest tips on bra wear and care, how often a ‘tween should to be fitted, and whether cosmetic surgery should be considered for the younger set.

The Ups and Downs of Breastfeeding
(Maternity, Nursing and New Mom Groups)
Soon-to-be, nursing, and post-nursing moms all have questions about what to expect from their breasts when they are “fully-employed.” Elisabeth reveals:

  • Changes to expect in breast size and shape
  • Best nursing and maternity bras
  • Common problems, and who to turn to for help (lactation specialists, books, DVDs)
  • Pros and cons of nursing on the go, travel tips
  • Best pumps for “back to work,” plus
  • Great new gadgets and accessories to support your magical mammary moments!

Elisabeth will also uncover the secrets to making your post-baby boobs look their best; plus the growing trend of post-partum plastic surgery “mommy make-overs,” and whether that choice is right for you.

* Take away: information that prepares women to meet their greatest breast needs!

Basic Breast Cancer Awareness
Essential and practical tips on how to take charge of your breast health. Can a change of lifestyle prevent breast cancer? What’s your individual risk of contracting the disease? What every woman needs to know about breast self-exams, Mammography, MRI, and recent new technologies, including:

  • New science behind breast cancer detection recommendations
  • What you should ask and share with your personal physician
  • When, where to go, and what to expect when you get a mammogram
  • Common procedures and helpful tips to get through tests, and
  • Resources available for extra-breast support.

* Take away: Elisabeth presents tons of accurate and reliable information that women need to take charge of their future breast health.

For Men Only (or mixed audiences…)
Men are given mixed messages about breasts: continually exposed to them by the media, they are often criticized if they look too long or too often at the real thing. Elisabeth enlightens male audiences on all breast-related topics, including:

  • The power of boobs and what men need to know
  • How to navigate the wacky world of lingerie (a boys guide to dressing “her girls”)
  • What to do when your lover tells you she wants a boob job
  • How to support your partner through the business of breastfeeding, and
  • Taking care of a loved one facing breast cancer.

* Take-away: Elisabeth gives male audiences the credit they deserve for appreciating a variety of breast assets!