When I was 11 and only up to...


When I was 11 and only up to a B or C, I was on the Boys and Girls Club wrestling team. I was the only girl. At first the boys were nervous, but putting someone in a choke-hold is a great ice-breaker. Lack of oxygen is a fantastic distraction from your, uh, distractions.That was about the last sport I did. By high-school, I opted not to participate in phys-ed. I was informed by the beauracracy that phys-ed was a requirement, at which point I instructed them to look at my boobs and then decide if I should really be doing jumping jacks with high-school boys. Also, I was probably an insurance liability. I could have given myself a concussion. Telling the principal to look at your gigantic jugs when you are 14 years old is a really quick way of ending a discussion. I won.