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This is for anyone with implants who is...


This is for anyone with implants who is worried about having a mammogram. After avoiding them for ten years due to the fact that no one in the mammogram clinics could(or would)guarantee that they wouldn't burst, I finally had a nurse tell me exactly how they are done and I had one done by her to verify it! They do not "squish" the breast with the implant, they use just enough pressure to keep you from moving.. and it was pretty light. Then they push the implant back and "mammogram" as much of the tissue as they can stretch out from it. Truly, I am a big baby and none of this was as uncomfortable as the regular pre implant mammograms I had (and we all know what a thrill those are to get!). So, for those of you like I was...nervous about this... now you don't have to be!

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