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There exist a few pictures from my undergrad...


There exist a few pictures from my undergrad years that I don't remember being taken. Involving a bra being worn as a hat. There is always a problem with nice shirts too, because buttons don't like to stay closed, especially at inopportune times. Once during a meeting with my advisor, I was at the white board, wildly gesturing, when my blouse popped wide open. I flushed beet red, turned my back to him and buttoned the thing back up. To his credit, he didn't stare or mention it, he just kept talking about the research. (I'm in physics, which has a male to female ratio of 5:1. Most physicists are a bit socially inept, but even more so with the opposite sex. I've also found that most of my male colleagues are unsure of how to deal with me, or rather, my sweater kittens.) There are also occasions where men talk excessively to my chest. I've been known to lean in, grab a tit, and say, "I'm sorry, I can't hear you. Will you speak into my microphone":D

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