Teenage Trip to Victoria's Secret


My close friend and I went to VS to shop for bras when we were in high school -- not sure exactly how old we were, maybe I was 17 and she was 15. We were total opposites physically. I was super flat (still am), and at that time I could barely fill a 32A. My friend was full-busted, upwards of a 34DD. So the saleslady had a challenge with us. She gave us each some bras to try on, and literally not a single one of them came anywhere close to fitting. We started out in separate dressing rooms, talking to each other over the wall between them, and came to the conclusion that neither one of us was ever going to find a good bra here -- so we decided to have some fun. My friend came into my dressing room and we made a chain out of all the bras that didn't fit us, by hooking all five or six of them together, and we hung it up on the hooks on either side of the dressing room. Then we left. Now I feel sorry for that saleslady, because it wasn't her fault that VS bras didn't fit us.

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