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Proactive breast health and loving oneself


Growing up, I was not taught to love my body; "breasts" and "boobs" were not appropriate words to say and they must be covered up.

About 5 or 6 months ago, I felt a large lump in my right breast. Scared and nervous, I went to get it checked out. An ultrasound did not determine what it was; the mammogram was inconclusive. I had a needle biopsy diagnosed it as a benign intracystic papilloma. (Basically lump with solid and fluid elements.)

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Anyway, I had it surgically removed right before Christmas. It went well and I am healing well. They sent the lump to a lab to get it tested and I should get the final results soon. I'm nervous, but what this experience has taught me is that the body is beautiful; it's important to learn about your body, nourish all parts, be proactive about your health.

I took a Meditative Painting class throughout all this and it became an outlet for what I was going through; discovering myself and loving my body a lot more. And I encourage everyone else to do the same. 🙂 You are beautiful.

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