One day my husband and I were arguing...


One day my husband and I were arguing about how to do something (I don't remember what exactly) and during our squabble I jokingly said just let me do it because you can't multitask, you're a man. Well that really got his goat and he disagreed that men could multitask. I said, "Oh two things you can do at the same time." Stumped, he backed off and said he'd get back to me on that. So the next day he goes to work (he's a wooden boat builder) and shares with the boys that I don't believe men can multitask. He comes home and announces over dinner, "We'll you'd be glad to know that I discussed the multitasking issue at work today and we all agree that men can multitask. We can do two different things. We can sit on the john and read, and we can do ANYTHING and think about BOOBS."