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Oh baby, I did swimming in High School....


Oh baby, I did swimming in High School. Not really a sport for boobs since you are in a bathing suit the entire time. I distinctly remember (one of my all time embarrassing moments) one day at swim practice when I was a Junior in High School. We were practicing "starts" off the racing block and I was wearing a black suit with turquoise stripes that was a little loose on me, but that was just the style you wore for practice for "drag" in the water. I was diving off the block and when I splashed into the water I realized that my left boob had flown out of my suit mid-dive, mid-air. When my head popped above water my coach, who was already a known pervert and later got "transferred" for biting a friend of mine's butt, said, "Thanks for the show, but a little less skin next time." It was mortifying. So basically the boobs were awkward for swim team. Especially when we had to buy our racing suits which are supposed to be SUPER tight, about two sizes smaller than you normally wear. I had to force them into the suit every time and there was always some boob trying to pop out.