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My newfound breast life


I'm new. To this wonderful blog and to my new life with my new breasts. I say new because I never had breasts before 3 months ago. Surprising? Was for me too. Because I am male. My new breasts are a result of a wish to have a lean physique and a side effect of a steroid for the same. In the beginning it was embarrassing, then it became troublesome and then I bumped into this blog and numerous articles by Elisabeth! I was surprised at how much effort she has been putting in for breast health and that how many men are going through the same situation as mine.
I immediately wrote an email to Elisabeth and got a prompt reply. She will soon be letting me know what size, brand and type of bras i should be wearing till I have my surgery to get rid of the breasts. And I also thank her for introducing me to which is a wonderful world in itself.