Nervous But Determined


I started having pain in my breasts out of nowhere a couple years ago, initially I thought it was the bouncing of my delivery truck causing some sort of irritation in the fat on my chest. I wasn't completely wrong but there was more going on as I found out later.

My first inclination was to use a sports bra, again I wasn't wrong. Various articles on the web showed my direction of thinking was valid however it wasn't most guy's first choice to which I say "duhh". I told my wife about my decision to try a bra to which she said "whatever makes you feel comfortable". So one quiet day at a major retailer I made my turn into the women's section as unnoticeable as a 6-foot man's man can be without being creepy.

I was "nervous but determined", looking at the plethora of makes, models and colors, trying to find the biggest size of what looked useable. A plain 3-pack of FotL's sport tanks, in black, I took to the register and bought them without comment or strange looks.

Swimwear Collection

I wore the bra for the first time getting ready for work a few days later. On first fitting it was unusual, my entire chest and upper back felt like a unit moving together in a good way. I put on my uniform shirt which was also black and hid it well enough to not be easily noticed. That first day I managed to wear it all day but was extremely happy to get it off after getting back home! It pinched at my armpit (and many of my bras still do) but my breasts didn't hurt quite so badly. I think I left it off the next 2 days and went back to wearing it as much as I could stand until I got used to it. My breasts became much less painful over the following weeks, I have my first bra to thank for that.

Those FotL bras are still around, I wear them outside doing yard work since they do a reasonable job of keeping my breasts out of the way and are tolerable enough such that I don't have to wear out or dirty-up my better bras.