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My girls and I were always good friends...until...


My girls and I were always good friends...until they chose to get a little too big. Okay, way too big...40E when I was pregnant with my daughter. I'd "enjoyed" as much of them as possible, but absolutely detested the shoulder and back pain of carrying them around.After 20 years of angst, I opted for a bilateral reduction mammoplasty, which was one of the best decisions I've ever made. They were beautiful! Perky, firm, perfectly proportioned; I was back in love with my breast friends. My husband loved them as much as I did. My only wish was that my right nipple's color matched my left one (right was pale, left was dark). About a month ago, after going through the annual mammogram, followed by the requested breast ultrasound, then the required biopsy, I learned I had Stage I invasive ductal carcinoma on the right side. Mercifully, we caught everything early and I underwent a successful lumpectomy. Because of the early stage and excellent prognosis, I was a good candidate for an intense radiation procedure called Mammosite, which entails installation of a temporary catheter near the original incision to receive twice daily radiation. I didn't need chemo and the radiation was completed inside of a week. Two small incisions are healing and within a few weeks, it will all be but a bad memory for a sick mammary. The good news? Aside from being alive AND keeping both of my girls, my right nipple is now a beautiful MATCHING shade as my left one.

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