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My breasts hurt when I was pregnant, but...


My breasts hurt when I was pregnant, but then they got really sore when I gave birth to a two month premature baby boy. The Nazi-like lactation consultant insisted that I use a hospital breast pump set at the highest setting every two hours, and my breasts cracked and bled...but didn't give any milk. I wasn't allowed to hold my son for over a week, and then only for a moment. I went through every lactation specialist and a La Leche fanatic in the hospital for three weeks, until they finally let me hold my son for a couple of hours each day, and finally I started to have milk. My breasts still hurt like heck every time I pumped. Eventually my son latched on, briefly, and never again. So I had to feed him breast milk through a bottle. I got sick every time I pumped, and 6 months later I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease and had to stop pumping breast milk so that I could take medication. I put my son on soy formula and he did just fine. He's now a happy, healthy, strong 7 yr old. I have to say that I got a lot of hazing over the internet from militant breast feeders who told me I was abusing my child by giving him formula. The doctors at the NICU had been putting neonatal formula in my breast milk right from the get-go, to add calcium and nutrients so my son wouldn't have bone density problems later in life. I had one woman tell me that I should quit my job and devote myself to breastfeeding, even if it made me sick and miserable. There are way too many insane militant breast feeders out there who aren't supportive of moms who have to feed their babies formula, and that's just wrong.

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