My breasts became huge for the first time...


My breasts became huge for the first time in my life (size38C) and I loved them- they bounced when I walked- I had cleavage for the first time, and they exuded milk which I found sexy, but they were also serving their true function of feeding my baby. I had no problems with breastfeeding- it was very easy for me. However, my first child liked to suck more on the left side and as a consequence, I was quite lopsided- a large breast on the left side and a smaller one on the right. This was actually quite noticeable, which was embarrassing. I had to pad out my smaller side. Even to this day my left breast is noticeably larger. My breasts eventually deflated when I wound down my breastfeeding. I was actually rather relieved because they were ridiculous. After breastfeeding I was relieved to throw away all my padded bras, but in the last few years I have started wearing them again!