My boobs grew in when I was 9...


My boobs grew in when I was 9 and they have never stopped growing. They grew to a FF cup in a stretchy bra and I could not carry anything any more. Walking became difficult. I was sore all the time in the neck and shoulders and was surviving this pain only by taking codeine every 4 hours 7 days a week. Finally, at 37 years of age, I went to a surgeon and told her that I wanted to chop them right off flat. The surgeon said, no, I won't do that, but I will make them into a large A or a small B cup. I woke up from the surgery with no pain. I did not particularly love the shape that my breasts were but even so, I had no pain! I got this little yellow lace bra size 36 B and I was pretty thrilled! Mostly though I wore the little cotton cup-free ones because I found that the underwire was not so comfy on the scar tissue. I was pretty happy really but as time went on they started growing in again, and the shape irregularity became even more pronounced. There had been some breast tissue left under my arms at the side and this was growing in just as fast as my breasts were. By the time I hit 42 I was back up to a FF cup again and had to squish my side-boobs over into the underwire because they just looked so gross. Again back to a (different) surgeon who took the side boobs completely off. She also reduced my breasts back down to a tidy B cup, and corrected the shape to a pretty normal looking breast. Still here I am just four years later and my breasts are right back up to a D cup. They are a decent shape and because I no longer wear a bra at all, I don't have too much pain, but even so, I can see that I will in a couple of years require ANOTHER breast reduction. Why, oh why, do my boobs keep on growing? My weight has stayed about the same for the past 5 years - well actually I lost about 10 pounds last summer while building a house. I can't understand it.

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