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Me and my breasts! It's very complicated! They...


Me and my breasts! It's very complicated! They started to grow when I was only 10. At the beginning I was very happy because since I was very young I wanted breasts like my mother. But year after year, they grew, they grew, and they grew. When I was 12 I had to stop playing sports at school because my breasts were already a D cup! My breasts forced me to change my life: Sports to strengthen my back, bras, clothes. It's not easy to manage boys and jealous girls when you have the largest breasts in the school. When I was 18 and 34J, I thought my breasts had stopped growing, but they grew again during my 3 pregnancies. So finally at the age of 27 they stopped growing. But they were huge! During several years I thought about getting a breast reduction, because of their weight, my back, looks from others, clothes, everyday worries. Even though it‚'s possible to find brands for large bra sizes. I still buy a larger band size to have the cup fit me and then have the band altered. And of course there are custom-made bras but they're too expensive for all bras. But now, at 46, even though my breasts are very large I love them and I want to keep them. I blossom in my love life and I want to believe in the possibility of having a normal life with large or very large breasts. No woman should suffer from her breast size!

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