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It was actually when buying a swimsuit that...


It was actually when buying a swimsuit that I first realized how large my breasts were. I was a freshman in college, and had ordered a string bikini from Victoria's Secret. I had ordered a 'normal' size, and was shocked to find myself absolutely spilling out of it. They were my own breasts, but it was still completely obscene, like something out of a porn film. I ordered the next size up and, despite the ridiculously long strings (meant to go around someone with a far larger build than me) I did okay. Now, I just always buy the large top and the medium bottom. It works alright, but one-pieces are a huge hassle if they're not for lap swimming. They just pancake! I didn't care when I was in high school and it was all just girls, but when counseling at summer camp bikinis aren't allowed, and trying to look good in a non-supported chest-smoosher is impossible.

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