I'm a 34hh at 18 and they're still...


I'm a 34hh at 18 and they're still growing (although at a slower rate than they once did). I started developing aged 9, it was expected I'd start early thanks to family history, but 9 was earlier than expected. By 13 I was a 32ee, because of their size I had to give up tennis - a sport I loved playing but was impractical with breasts my size. I got pretty big headed with them being as big as they were and got a lot of hate, there were the usual rumours being spread of stuffing - soon proved wrong when I unfortunately had a towel ripped from me after a swimming lesson. I soon got out of that and by 14/15 I was trying to hide them, which was an impossible task now I look back at it. Around this time I was getting a lot of attention from guys which made my life even more awkward as I am gay. My school years were difficult but by 17 I'd grown to accept and love my boobs - being a 34G/GG at the time. They were great ice breakers and I loved the attention they brought. I still get the odd sly comment, especially during nights out but I wouldn't be who I am without them. I've only recently turned 18 and it looks like I'll be getting a 34J sometime soon; many more cups than anyone in my family. To an extent it's a shame as I've always wanted a girlfriend with bigger breasts than me - not easy to find at all - but I'll definitely survive. I've never once thought of getting a reduction - fortunately I don't have that much back pain/headaches and the like. I would just stress to any girls in a similar situation to me to just hang in there - don't rush for surgery, first thing you should always try to do is naturally reducing them through exercise, but many will end up in a situation like I am where your boobs are now your favourite asset, what you hid at school you now flaunt to the world - so many girls would love to be in the position I am in and I'm going to make the most out of that I can.