I'm 19 and relatively shy about my body,...


I'm 19 and relatively shy about my body, everyone has their own insecurities right? But in the past few years things have gotten far better for me and I am finally starting to find pride in all the little inconsistancies with it. Like my lopsided chest. I was an extremely early developer, by the age of 11 I was already verging on a B cup. I was always so very self concious. And then I noticed that my right breast was developing a lot faster than my left, I think I may have been 14. I started to worry that the other would never catch up, in fact it never really did. My right side has ended up as a 36c, where as my left side is a 36b, I was extremely self concious of anyone ever seeing me naked. Gradually I started to accept the way I looked and began to feel less embarassed by my lopsided chest.But the real condifence boost came with one little comment from a boy. He claimed to not have noticed the fact that one breast was smaller than the other untill I pointed it out, and then he horrified me by making a big show of looking at it extensively and comparing it to the other in a sort of mock serious joking manner. The fact that he made a joke out of my insecurity caused my temper to flare slightly, but the comment was so totally disarming and reassuring that I couldn't help but hug him "Aww, why hate it? Its cute, it makes you unique, it makes you, *you*"Just goes to show how much harsher we are on ourselves when it comes to our own bodies.