I was so embarrassed when without any prior...


I was so embarrassed when without any prior discussion and certainly without any prompting on my part , mum gave me a bra as a 12th birthday present. When I gave her an embarrased look, she just something like "I thought you might want to start wearing one soon". In fact nothing was further from the truth!

A few of my classmates had developed enough to start wearing bras during our final year in primary school (much to the amusement of some of the boys), but I was still flat-chested as I started secondary school. To be truthful I was quite happy to stay that way as I was a bit of a tomboy and wasn't in any hurray to 'grow up'.

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By the Christmas of that year my chest began to show the first signs of changing. My nipples became a little more pronounced, but this was only really noticable when I was undressed. With my clothes on you couldn't really notice anything.

By the time I reached my birthday in May, my buds had grown a little more, but not to the extent that I felt I needed anything other than a vest under my shirts, so as I said it came as quite a shock when mum presented me with a bra. When I tried it on I hated the way it seemed to emphasise my shape when what I really wanted to do was hide it. So for the remainder of the school year the bra stayed firmly in the bottom of my drawer and to be fair to mum she never mentioned it.

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During the summer holidays I started to become more self conscious about my chest as with some of my summer tops some movement was evident even with a vest underneath. On some occasions I even wore one of my old bikini tops under my T shirt to flatten everything down!

When it was time to go back to school,although my normal uniform was shapeless enough to hide my developing figure, the PE kit was a different matter. so mum suggested that it really was time I started to wear a bra.
As it happened I wasn't alone in that respect, most of the girls seemed to be wearing them when we got back to school.