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I was always flat chested. I could never...


I was always flat chested. I could never find a small enough cup for me.In college, a 28 or 29 AA would have fit. Instead, I had to wear a 32A.Then later, a 32A fit. At age 37, I had my only child. For some reason I was wearing a 36A. Then a few years ago I noticed that the cup on the bra seemed to give me cleavage. Cleavage? Never had that before. Now I should tell you that I gained about 25 pounds and lost about 15 of it. I guess my boobs didn't reduce and I didn't pay any attention that it had grown. The A cup was crushing my boobs. Then I watched your video on how a bra should fit. And I went shopping. After a few trials and errors, I found out that I am a 32D. No wonder my bra didn't fit. After I switched to my real size, I look better, and my new assets show. In summer, I wear clothes that show off my new found cleavage. I feel like a new person. That and I lost over 200 pounds (as in a now ex husband), I feel really good about myself. What was I doing in a 36A anyways?

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