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I was a 32FF by the time i...


I was a 32FF by the time i was 15, stretch marks and all. the boy made fun of me in sports or swimming, the girls didn't notice because they hated me for various other reasons like having curly hair and glasses. baggy t shirts were worn. i looked like a sad tent. i had a few happy years in my early 20s, but the confidence soon declined again. i'm a 32JJ now, i've thought about a reduction, but y'know what? they don't hurt my back half as much as sitting in front of a desk all day. in the last 5 years they have just kept getting bigger and softer, and i'd like it to stop, but because i have PCOS it is really hard to lose weight. to the 'tom boy'who likes being an A cup: a) i'm jealous, i'm a tom boy with boobs bigger than my head. B) tomboys with big boobs do just fine, too. i used to like my boobs, the older i get, the more paranoid i am that they are sagging and ugly, sometimes i wish i'd had a couple of kids so that my body shape felt more justified and comfortable. but hey, i'm just whining. bottom line: BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU GOT, it's all you need. i do not understand women who 'need' augmentation. the thought of someone cutting up my body purely for cosmetic purposes sickens me. some days i feel like they are just too heavy to drag around and it's hard to get out of bed. but i just do anyway, because it shouldn't be such a big deal.