Evergreen Journelle private label collection FW 2016.

I started developing in the fourth grade. As…


I started developing in the fourth grade. As only once side was sprouting at the time, I thought it odd and went to my mother saying “Something is weird here – this swelling.” Days before I had held a pet guinea pig for the first time and my mother thought that perhaps I had been bitten or scratched by it and that caused the swelling. Mother takes me to see father. I’m not embarrassed because I don’t know any better. Dad looks, has me cover up, and takes mom off to the side. The next thing I know, I’m standing in the girls’ underwear department of the local Pomeroys with my arms up while some saleswoman measures me for my very first TRAINING BRA! Quickly after this I get my very own “Life Cycle Library” encyclopedia set so I can learn about the joys and wonders of my body in the privacy of my bedroom and not embarrass my dad anymore with odd swellings!

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