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I remember being really proud of my budding...


I remember being really proud of my budding breasts. I was 10, and I used to sit up straight in class with my chest sticking out. I got my first bra at 11, when my mum decided I probably needed one. There was no discussion of what size I would need, and she didn't take me for a fitting, just bought me a couple of 32A bras. I had no idea how bra sizes worked back then, so I thought it meant 32" bust. When I started buying my own bras, I went up to 34A instead of 32B (because my bust had grown to 34 inches) and carried on getting bigger band sizes until I reached 36C, at which point I realised that something wasn't quite right! I decided to find out what size I should really be wearing, and ended up in a 32DD! I should have stayed a 32 all along!

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