I recently lost 75 pounds. They have always...


I recently lost 75 pounds. They have always been saggy, but now, they are just plain ugly. I hate my breasts, hate my breasts, hate my breasts. I like the way they look in clothes and with one of my good bras on. But they are now so asymmetrical and saggy that I don't ever let my husband even see them. I stuff my left cup with an insert because there is a whole cup difference between the two. During my whole issue with finding the lump I have seen plastic surgeons for reconstructive options. It has been decided--I will have a lumpectomy, then I will have a "reduction" to even them out, lifted to be perky and then implanted to give me back my much missed volume. I was all set up to have it in July, but now...finances aren't allowing it. Emotionally-what a toll it is placing on me. All of my loved ones have been so supportive, except my mother. My father doesn't know. My husband and I fought over it for a while. He wants me to have my natural boobs because he loves them. But once he saw how much it meant to me...he is on my side.

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