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I have finally had my long awaited breast...


I have finally had my long awaited breast lift! And this is the story that I really want to share with other, because if I knew what I know now I would have gone about finding a surgeon very differently. I *thought* I was being smart about it. I interviewed several doctors. I compiled my list from a variety of sources--I would consult magazine listings of the "best doctors" for my locality. I would visit websites and pour over the before and after pictures, looking for the most aesthetically pleasing results. The interviews were definitely productive. Some of the doctors I spoke with had truly horrid people skills. I just didn't connect with them and we did not seem able to speak on the same level about what *I* wanted and what they could offer. Other doctors had great interpersonal skills but upon seeing more of their before/after photos I was shocked at the "Frankenstein boob" results. Never mind that I had already been warned that these doctors will only show you their *best* before/after photos. But seeing is believing and seeing those photos is a powerful selling tool. Now looking back I wish I had done things differently when choosing a surgeon. I wish I had printed out those "what I want & don't want" photos *before* interviewing these doctors. If I had shown them to the doctor I eventually ended up choosing, and if he had poo-poo'd my aesthetic sensibilities (like he did), I never would have chosen him. Also, I wish I had talked more with the doctor right before surgery. I wish I would have said something like, "OK...what you told me at my last appointment was that you are going to make my breasts the same size. You also said that you would start with my smaller breast and use that as a comparable standard while working on my larger one--correct?" I wish I had reiterated what I had been told and not just assumed that the doctor would remember what he had told me. Hard and expensive lesson to learn.