I hated my boobs when I was younger....


I hated my boobs when I was younger. I developed early (was wearing a bra by 4th grade) and hated that I looked different than most of the girls in my grade. I also played sports year-round, and my burgeoning bosom often got in the way. My mother would always say, "You'll love 'em when you're older." Well, she was partially right. My height peaked at 5'4, so my boobs seemed out of proportion with the rest of my body. They were a great asset for a night out in college, and my three roommates used to ask if I could get a reduction and donate some boob to each of them. I had plenty to spare! I wore a DD at that time, and felt slightly embarassed about that. I think I was in denial at that point because I was often spilling out of my bra. I've been adjusting my boobs on a daily basis while wearing an uncomfortable bra for many years. I just thought that was the plight of big boobed women. A few months ago, I went into a department store for a fitting on a whim. Turns out I was in denial. The woman in the fitting room measured me and returned with a bra. I looked at the tag and gasped when I saw that it said 34G. When I put on a bra that actually fit, I was in shock! I didn't realize I could comfortably wear my big boobs. I'm actually excited about this summer because, for the first time in many years, I have a bikini top that fits me well. After years of embarassment and bathing suit frustrations, I love my big boobs!