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How a man deals with 38G's ( of his own)


My breasts made their debut when I was 13. The doctors said that I was esentially going though "female puberty" due to my hormone levels. It was decided it was best to do nothing.

Fast foward 25+ years. I wear a 38G. Its a bra size that I share with my 2 year older sister. I treat my breasts much the same way that most people who will read this mammoir (women) do. I get up in the morning, take my shower, choose an appropriate bra for what ever shirt I'm wearing that day. Most of my buttonup shirts are actually blouses because they fit better. I get fitted for my bras by a professional. I also get regular breast exams and mammograms and ultrasounds as part of my annual physical.

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So, in case anyone was curious, I didn't see any reason to reinvent the wheel. I do the same as half of the world does with there breasts. The female half that is.

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