Getting breasts was an awkward time in my life.


Getting breasts was an awkward time in my life. I had just moved and started a new school in the middle of the year. It was the 4th grade, and I remember being the only girl in my class wearing a bra! My mom said I never wore a training bra; I went from flat to a B over night, LOL. I remember boys and girls snapping my bra straps! By the 5th grade though, most of those girls got their own set and became the focus of attention. I'm the only one in my family who developed large breasts without ever being pregnant. My mom was petite, she wore a 34B. My sister went from about a 28A to a 38DD after her first child, she's 33. My baby sister is a 32C at 20. I don't remember shopping for my first bra, I just remember having it. I do remember bra shopping when I was older. It was a bit embarassing. My father would take me and my aunts shopping, and they would tease me about how big I was getting. My aunt warned me that I better not get pregnant, with my family history of boobs getting bigger with pregnancy (except my mom, she was the exception) she said my boobs would hang so low I would look like a family friend whose breasts would rest on her knees when she sat down! I have never been pregnant!