Finding a bra that fits takes more than a fitting...


As much as I love my boobs and consider them my best feature, I hated not being able to find a bra that didn't hurt by the end of the day if I lasted that long. I was constantly buying various brands of bras, only to discard them after one or two wears because I was in agony. That included being "fitted" by so-called experts. Some of the worst models of bra I tried were the molded-cup variety popular with American women.Then I read about an English shop called Rigby & Peller that doesn't use a tape measure because the result is inaccurate (non-elastic tape measure versus elastic bands) and every woman's body and breast shape is different. Their fitters are trained to fit a woman by sight. R&P have been responsible for cladding Her Majesty's girls for over 40 years, so I plucked up the courage to walk into Rigby & Peller when I was in London in 2006 on vacation. The experience was worth the airfare alone. For the first time since putting on my first bra at age 9, I own truly comfortable bras and they're beautiful, too. Give me the European nipple-showing kind anytime instead of those ridiculous molded-cup torture devices. I wear Prima Donna (company founded in 1865) at a cost of about $120 apiece, which is still much cheaper in the long run than the hit-and-miss method of buying cheaper bras trying to find the right size and fit.