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A boy with "girls"


I'm a 40 year old guy with a rather large set of breasts. The purpose of this mammoir it not not make anyone feel uncomfortable while reading it. It is to maybe help people especially women out there understand why they may someday encounter a man in the next dressing room being fitted for a bra.

Due to genetics and side effects my bra size has increased from a 3rd in high school to a 38E which I wear today. My mother had me in a hand me down bra by the time I was 15 and I've been wearing one ever since.

I'm not psychologically damaged. I'm not a pervert or a cross dresser. I'm a man with breasts. I'm just a guy who happens to need the support of a bra because of a hormone and chemical in balance.

I never asked for breasts. But I also do not see the need to assume the risks, cost, or pain of having my breasts removed. All I ask is for a little understanding and patience when my brothers and myself are out bra shopping because there are other "boys with girls"

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