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A guy who needs to wear a bra


I'm 59 yr old married guy. First a bit of background. I am not a cross dresser nor want a sex change operation. I have a severe digestion problem that wasn't responding very well to my medication. About 9 years ago my physician suggested I enter a trial for a new drug. All drugs have some side effects. This one made my my chest larger and fuller at my breasts and also caused chest and back pains. However the medicine worked much better than what I had been taking so after long discussions with my wife and physician I decided to continue taking it. I tried several ways to reduce my chest pain, all with minimal or no success. My wife finally suggested I try one of her bras. Her bra was too tight but it did help some. She bought a couple bras in my size. It felt weird and strange wearing a bra but after a few weeks I got past that and felt more comfortable wearing one. A 38B or 40B are the best sizes. My chest shape is a bit more rounder and fuller than a typical woman but I do fill out a B cup. Since then I have learned a lot about bras from a woman's perspective. The first bras my wife got for me were the basic full coverage soft cup bras in nude. I don't even remember the brand. She eventually got a few different colors for me. Over the years I have developed my own preferences for styles and brands. The first thing I look for in a bra is comfort. I need good support so I usually shop for an underwire bra. A full coverage is nice but I prefer a demi. I do like Bali and Playtex for every-day bras; they are comfortable and not too fancy. I have some nicer bras from Wacoal and Chantelle and a few other brands. I hate sports bras but wear them to work under my shirt and either vest or sweater. It's a relief to take it off as soon as I get home and put on a much nicer bra. Women are more accepting of my situation than men, and now I have a much better appreciation for what women have to deal with.

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