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A mammoir is your story and perspective on living with breasts. Share your experiences, observations, frustrations, anecdotes and celebrations here - or read the very breast below!

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My boobs grew in when I was 9...


My boobs grew in when I was 9 and they have never stopped growing. They grew to a FF cup in a stretchy bra and I could not carry anything any more. Walking became difficult. I was sore all the time in the neck and shoulders and was surviving this pain only by taking codeine […]

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I've thought about a reduction, but I'm kind...


I’ve thought about a reduction, but I’m kind of opposed to altering my appearance surgically. I figure this is what I was born with and I have to learn to be happy with it. If I eventually loose weight and they remain the same size size, I may reconsider that reduction.

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I recently received a breast reduction...which was a...


I recently received a breast reduction…which was a long time coming! The back pain, neck pain and the everyday headache of carrying those massive breasts around is finally over. I used to be a 40G, which was way more woman than I wanted to handle. I now feel…dare I say “light”.

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I tried to get my insurance to cover...


I tried to get my insurance to cover a reduction in Jan., but they turned it down, even though I’ve had two neck surgeries & one shoulder surgery & did not care how low the cup size went. I cannot afford the surgery without the insurance, so I guess I will continue to live with […]

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