What is a mammoir?

A mammoir is your story and perspective on living with breasts. Share your experiences, observations, frustrations, anecdotes and celebrations here - or read the very breast below!

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Teenage Trip to Victoria's Secret


My close friend and I went to VS to shop for bras when we were in high school — not sure exactly how old we were, maybe I was 17 and she was 15. We were total opposites physically. I was super flat (still am), and at that time I could barely fill a 32A. […]

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Learning Not To Hate Myself


My relationship with my breasts has changed a fair bit over the past seven or so years since I first noticed them, ie first needed a bra. I remember that first bra, it was a beige 36A from Berlei, and having it made me feel well, rather grown up. At the age of 10, I […]

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A boy with "girls"


I’m a 40 year old guy with a rather large set of breasts. The purpose of this mammoir it not not make anyone feel uncomfortable while reading it. It is to maybe help people especially women out there understand why they may someday encounter a man in the next dressing room being fitted for a […]

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I'm feeling better about the girls these days....


I’m feeling better about the girls these days. I just got back from spending 3 years in central and West Africa, where boobs flop freely and public nursing is the norm. I have realized that despite all of the evidence in western media, boobs are in fact for feeding babies. I’ve always been a very […]

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I have my mom's breasts only 35 years...


I have my mom’s breasts only 35 years younger. I think this is great because I can ask my mom “hey what do you think about this top?” and she can say “Oh I had one just like that in 1973 and it was so comforable and fit so well” or “Oh no I tried […]

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