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What is a mammoir?

A mammoir is your story and perspective on living with breasts. Share your experiences, observations, frustrations, anecdotes and celebrations here - or read the very breast below!

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Nervous But Determined


I started having pain in my breasts out of nowhere a couple years ago, initially I thought it was the bouncing of my delivery truck causing some sort of irritation in the fat on my chest. I wasn’t completely wrong but there was more going on as I found out later. My first inclination was […]

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I wish I had real breasts


I’m a crossdresser and have to use breastforms. I have zero desire for a sex change, but I wish I had real breasts. Bras are so beautiful, and the sexiest thing a woman can wear. And I love wearing them too. I started wearing bras about 15 years ago. My wife measured me to get […]

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I had no idea I was getting breasts…


I had no idea I was getting breasts. I mean, I knew they were there – big buds that stuck out no matter what shirt I was wearing – but I didn’t really care about them one way or the other. It wasn’t until an aunt and uncle bought me a training bra for my […]

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My newfound breast life


I’m new. To this wonderful blog and to my new life with my new breasts. I say new because I never had breasts before 3 months ago. Surprising? Was for me too. Because I am male. My new breasts are a result of a wish to have a lean physique and a side effect of […]

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I got my first bra going into 5th grade. I still remember it: white, lacy, 36A, made me feel pretty and grown up. Oddly enough, I conveniently went up a cup size every year until 10th grade, at which time I stayed a DD until 11th. There are times when I wish they were smaller, […]

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