Elisabeth’s Breast Book

bOObs: A Guide to Your Girls, is a humorous and informative owner’s manual by author and internationally recognized breast expert Elisabeth Dale. This breast book provides uplifting advice and a unique “hands on” approach to educate and inspire women to lead their breast life.

Filled with personal, true stories (“mammoirs™”) from real women, bOObs is also a style guide and informational resource for breast owners.  Readers are given practical and useful advice from breast experts – lingerie fitters, doctors, clothing manufacturers, personal trainers and others – on what to expect from their breasts and how to put their “best breast forward” at each stage of their lives. bOObs celebrates the unique qualities of all women.

The book also serves as an educational tool for men and growing girls. Chapters range from “Sprouting” to “Saggy but Sexy and Sassy,” and everything in-between. Readers learn the state of breasts today (how E is the new C), how to find and get the right fit from a bra, what to expect when pregnant, nursing, and beyond, how to keep “the girls” healthy, and what to do if they’re not.

Each chapter contains web and written resources, plus illustrations and sidebars with little known facts, trivia, and the best breast trends. The book also provides readers with helpful diagrams, quizzes and instructions on how to perform a breast self-exam.

Empowering and eye-opening, bOObs is the ultimate breast book and guide to breasts. Elisabeth Dale encourages women of all ages, races and sizes to embrace their bosoms, and live their breast life.